A picture of me, Patrick Stegmann

Patrick Stegmann

Frankfurt am Main based developer, Python developer by heart & Java developer by choice
 0176 / 104 530 15  wonderb0lt  patrick.a.stegmann@gmail.com

Hello there. I'm that bearded young man in the picture above. I currently live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and am currently employed as a software developer at CoSee GmbH. My work there is mainly focused on writing JEE applications, though Python has been a steady companion.


I reckon my greatest skill is my love for clean, good code. Whatever languages and frameworks I might encounter in my personal and professional future, this skill will always accompany me. Readability induces maintainability induces good code induces less headache. Simple as that.

To give you an idea of how I operate, I'll provide you with a set of things I find worth mentioning about me





Anyone who has stopped getting better has stopped being good. Attributed to Robert Bosch

I am aware of the fact that I have yet seen only so little of my profession. And there a few things I want to do, but haven't got around to due to temporal or personal constraints, and I would list them here ‐ They are as important to my professional identity as the things I CAN do.


I don't do private and/or open-source projects as much as I would like to,. I do have a few coding projects though on which I work whenever I have the spare time to (there's more to life than code, after all).




If you want to contact me, feel free to do so on the following channels: